Summit Professional Networks

Please adhere to the following Summit Professional Networks guidelines to ensure your email is in the best format and maximizes the performance of the email marketing message.

Materials Needed
Due 10 business days prior to the scheduled deployment date:
  • HTML file
  • Subject line
  • Text version - optional (we will create one for you)
  • Seed list (list of emails to receive final deployment and added to the distribution list)
  • Test list (list of emails to review email proof and approve for deployment)
  • Suppression file/Opt out list - optional

Note: Materials received less than 10 business days in advance may result in the rescheduling of the email deployment date.

HTML Requirements
  • Do not use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) code.
    Most email providers (including Gmail and Outlook) will either strip CSS code or cannot properly display emails containing CSS.
  • Append all the correct links and tracking codes within the HTML file.
    Summit’s email deployment software (Lyris) creates its own tracking code. We will not be responsible for placement of additional personal tracking.
  • Do not use offensive language or images.
CAN-SPAM compliance laws:
  • Include your company name, logo and physical mailing address.
  • Remove any unsubscribe code or preference center code.
    Summit will add the appropriate information in compliance with the law.
  • All urls and links in the email should contain absolute references.
    e.g. “” instead of “.../directory/image.html.”
  • All images must be hosted externally on your own server.
  • Note: images hosted on secure servers (HTTPS://) may not be viewable to all recipients.
  • Do not use background images as they will not render in almost all email providers.
  • Use images and graphics as accents only -- graphics to text ratio for the entire email should be no more than 25:75.

Summit reserves the right to refuse acceptance (or request revisions) to any email that does not adhere to the guidelines outlined above. If you have any questions or need assistance with your email, please contact a Client Marketing representative.

Process Sending Materials:
  • Client proofs the HTML file prior to sending to Summit.
  • Client sends deployment-ready HTML.
    This helps to ensure that the email does not get delayed from multiple rounds of changes and it will reduce the likelihood of introducing errors during the testing process.

Note: The Client Services Team is capable of making minor corrections and changes to the HTML but it is not equipped to handle significant design changes to layout or to images. Please have your designers manage these changes prior to sending the HTML file to Summit.

  • Changes to a mailing must be submitted at least one day prior to deployment.
    Warning: Failure to provide changes by the deadline may result in the changes not being incorporated or rescheduling of the deployment date.
  • Summit will send the proof as an attachment to the test list that you provide us.
  • Do not forward the email.
    The formatting often gets skewed when the email is forwarded. Those formatting issues will not occur during actual deployment.
  • You can request a direct test of your blast to be sent directly from our email deployment system to your inbox so that you can preview final formatting.
  • We can only make changes to your HTML, not images.

Note: Be mindful that emails will render differently from various operating systems, deployment systems, email providers and browsers.

  • Submit final written approval no later than 10:00 a.m. EST on the deployment date. Approval will only be accepted in written form. Verbal approval or approval in any other form will not be accepted.

Warning: Failure to provide written approval by the deadline may result in rescheduling the email to a new date. Approvals received day of the deployment will be deployed at the earliest availability and also may not launch at the requested time of day.

  • Email will be scheduled to deploy between 10a.m. and 11a.m. EST.
  • Email stats can be provided per request and will be sent 7 days after deployment.
To Perfect Your Blast And Maximize Performance

This section provides some general tips, strategies, and best practices compiled from years of analysis of how the various audiences of Summit respond to email marketing messages.

It is important to keep in mind that many email providers and mobile devices cannot display graphics in preview mode or on initial open.
  • If the main message can only be viewed by rendering the images, then the message may be lost to a significant number of recipients.
  • The header location is the most valuable space in email marketing. Try to minimize header images and incorporate as much HTML text at the top of the email as possible so that your main message is the first thing a reader sees.
  • Keep all image sizes under 60K to ensure rapid rendering for recipients.
  • Keep the entire width of the email under 650 pixels to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  • Think of the top of the email as prime real estate and stack your most important and enticing information at the top of the email.
  • Break up long chunks of copy with lists, useful graphics, and calls to action.
  • Avoid the following Spam triggers: 'Free', symbols or unusual characters, dollar signs in the subject line.
Proper Coding:
  • Tables and inline styles are the optimal way to code HTML emails.
  • No CSS.
  • Please send an HTML file so that the Client Marketing team can preview how the deployment is supposed to look. If you send HTML code in a txt or word file, please also include a PDF of how the email is supposed to look.

Note: If the HTML code sent via txt file is not rendering in email, we will send your file back to your team (or coder) for edits.