Summit Professional Networks

- Technical Specifications
Accepted Formats
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • Flash
  • HTML
  • HTML 5 (Click Here for IAB Specs & Information)

*Creatives with white/light backgrounds (or backgrounds that closely match the relevant site background color) need to have a 1 pixel border to clearly delineate the boundaries of the ad.

Max File Size 35K
Accepted Flash Version 10
Accepted Flash Type clickTAG
Action Script Version 2
Total Animation Loops 3
Total Duration 30 seconds
Frame Rate 18fps
Accepted Rich Media Formats
  • Flash
  • HTML
Download Size 100K
Collapsed Version Max File Size 35K
-- Ad Specifications
APPROVED THIRD PARTY VENDORS Bluestreak, DoubleClick, DART Motif, Eyeblaster, Point.Roll, Unicast In-Page Enliven, Viewpoint, Atlas, Flashtalking, Mediaplex and Mediamind
BORDER REQUIREMENTS Creatives with white/light backgrounds (or those that closely match the site background color) need to have a border to clearly delineate the boundaries of the ad.
RICH MEDIA OPTIONS Expandable, Audio and Video, In-Banner Streaming and Transitional.
FLASH AD REQUIREMENTS Publish .SWF files as Flash 10 or below.
  • Backup .gifs must be submitted
  • 30 seconds max animation length
  • Maximum 3 loops (animation must stop after the 3rd loop)
  • Frame rate cannot exceed 18fps
  • Initial file size must not exceed 35k
  • Audio must be user initiated (on click)
  • All animation/audio must contain Play/Stop controls
  • Expandable ads must include a Closing “X” button
  • The top-most layer must be a transparent button layer containing a clickTAG variable.

Please use the following code exactly as it is written:

{ getURL(_root.clickTAG, ”_blank”);

Note: You do NOT need to embed the click URL for your ad in the SWF. It will be inserted by our ad server.
CANCELLATIONS All cancellations must be made in writing to your advertising representative 30 days prior to scheduled ad/program. Cancellations made in less than 30 days may require full payment.