Summit Professional Networks

Customizeable 300x600 unit incorporates ad messaging and promotions with content distribution. Multiple tabs (up to 4) expand to reveal multimedia content synched to each tab. A fixed 300x250 advertising or customized promotion above tabbed content area can feature research, content, video or standard MedRec ad creative.

Dimensions 300x600 unit broken into three parts:
  • Header: 300x50
  • Ad/Message Portion: 300x250
  • Tabbed Content Area: 300x300
Tabs are 300x35
Content area itself is 300x265

Due to the nature of this ad, Summit Professional Networks requires that we assemble the unit based on components supplied by the client/agency. The client will have the ability to review the assembled ad prior to launch.

Creative components must be in-house a minimum of 20 business days prior to launch.

In order to differentiate this unit from editorial content on page, 'Advertisement' will be added to the top of the unit when implemented.


The client will need to provide:

  • Logo - 88x31 (jpg)
  • Style guide/brand guidelines documentation
  • 300x250 ad creative or copy and images for assembly of customized message
  • Labels for tabs (brief) – up to 4
    Can be based on topic, type of asset, etc.
  • Content for 4 tabs - organized according to tab label:
    • Up to 4 assets or links per tab (2 if using large thumbnails)
    • Accepted formats include:
      • Whitepapers or other PDF-style content (fact sheets, research briefs, etc.)
      • Videos
      • Podcasts
      • Social media links
      • Links
    • Title and brief description (max 12 words) of asset
    • All asset downloads/views will be hosted by Summit Professional Networks
Targeting ROS and ROC - and also part of SMARTsection.
3rd Party Tags Accepted

Impressions delivered, clicks/opens, CTR (whole unit)

Click trackers added to all the clickable components (each asset as well as the tabs themselves, such as social share buttons, videos, and links) to track engagement with individual components of ad.